North Putuo film and TV studio


The north Putuo film and TV studio locates at the Nangong village in the south of Beijing, distant 16 KM from Tian An Men, occupying over 300 thousands square meter, that is a large cultural movie studio gather in producing film and TV, attending in a advanced studies, conference receptions, tour and lying fallow. There are 'the arhat mountain', the north Putuo island and the glary Putuo temple. Surroundings is primitive and clear. The pine billows sing, the green bamboos dance, and the red plums smile. Beijing Film and TV Study Institute have still reposed below the  Puruo mountain. Besides, there are the aged-old towns in the Ming or Qing dynasty, and Xueqin ancestral temple, and so o­n, sum to excess 20 sights. They are setting out tradition culture in china.


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